Segments are one of the central hubs in Marketing Automation. They are the link between your contacts and the emails you send them.


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Using segments, you can classify your contacts into groups with certain characteristics. Then you can send personalized emails to these groups according to their specific needs.

Later you can also use segments to launch campaigns tailored to this group. In this tutorial, we'll focus on your first steps with segments: Create segments and send emails to your segments.

Your first segment: contacts with email addresses

In Friendly Automate, you have known and unknown contacts. Unknown contacts are website visitors who have not yet provided you with any personal data. They are identified only by their IP addresses.

Known contacts are visitors from whom you have received a name and an email address. Of course, you can only send emails to these contacts. So the first segment we create will be: Contacts with email addresses.

To do this, in Friendly Automate click on Segments on the left and then on "New" in the upper right corner.


You can now enter a name for your segment, for example "Contacts with email addresses". If you think that the name is not self-explanatory, you can briefly explain what is contained in this segment under "Description". You can save your progress at any time by clicking the "Save" button in the upper right corner.


The fields "Alias" and "Public name" will be filled in automatically when saving if they are left empty. You can ignore the settings on the right for your first segments as well.

Now click on the next tab called "Filters". Here you can set up one or more filters for your segment.


In order for this segment to contain only contacts with email addresses, select the "Email" option from the drop-down menu. Then select the condition "not empty".


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