<aside> 🙂 Welcome to the documentation of Friendly Automate, your privacy-friendly Swiss marketing automation software.


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👠 Getting started

Create new contacts

Create simple segments

Create Emails in the Email Editor

Create your first Form

Create Your First Campaign

💾 Technical Setup

Integrate the tracking code of Friendly Automate on your website

nFADP & GDPR: How to use Friendly Automate in a privacy-compliant way

Optimize the deliverability of your emails


Import existing contacts

Manage access rights to your Contacts

Store the origin of your contacts

Deal with Do Not Contacts

Export your segment members


Understand how Friendly's Default Double Opt-in Campaign Works

Create personas, and deliver targeted messages to them

Create your first lead-magnet and collect e-mails


Create a form with double opt-in

Apply Custom Design To Your Forms

Connect Contact Form 7 with Friendly Automate

Add spam protection

Install reCapcha

Emails & Landing Pages

Zero To Hero Newsletter Tutorial

Create amazing newsletters in 20 minutes or less

Create your own email template

Schedule emails to send later

Tokens to be used in emails

Lead Scoring

A Lead Scoring Model for Beginners

Lead scoring for unknown contacts


User and rights management

Integrations & API

How to send text messages / SMS with Friendly Automate

Use BCC for automation

Your subscription

Billing and cancellation

Contact us

📧 Send us an email

☎️ Talk to us by phone

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