You can track subdomains in Friendly Automate in two ways: via the “website” (property) of the main domain or as a separate “website”.

Suppose you have already created a “website” in Friendly Analytics for the domain You now set up a new landing page under the subdomain

In the following, I'll explain the two ways you can track the subdomain, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

1. Tracking of a subdomain through the “website” of the main domain

To track the subdomain through the “website” of the main domain, simply add the tracking code from to as well.

Just make sure that the subdomain is added to the list of allowed URLs when the checkmark is set below:


In order to evaluate the traffic only from or only from, you would create a segment for each. Here you can find instructions on how to do this:

Filter reports with segments



2. Tracking a subdomain as its own “website”

Alternatively, you can also create a subdomain as a separate “website” in Friendly Analytics. This makes sense, for example, if the subdomain contains its own isolated offer, and there is no intent to cross over to the main domain.


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